Video: Do you think the tech-left is out of control?

Free Our Internet recently released a video of young conservatives discussing their views on censorship and why the tech-left is out of control. In particular, they touch on Google and Facebook’s overreach in banning and blocking speech from conservatives online. Take a look for yourself below, and be sure to #ReportTheBans by clicking here to […]

Free Our Internet Welcomes ex-Google engineer James Damore and First Amendment Attorney Harmeet Dhillon to CPAC 2018

Free Our Internet is excited to announce that fired Google engineer James Damore, who was brave enough to expose Google’s systemic bias against conservative viewpoints, and Harmeet Dhillon, a prominent First Amendment attorney representing Damore in his fight against Google, will be joining us at the American Conservative Union’s Conservative Political Action Conference 2018. Damore […]

Free Our Internet Response to the Internet Association’s Letter in Support of the CRA Resolution to Restore 2015 “Net Neutrality” regulation

Unsurprisingly, the Internet Association has thrown its support behind the Democrat-led Congressional Review Act effort to restore the FCC’s recently repealed Obama “Net Neutrality” regulations. Many of the Association’s biggest members –such as Google– are the same companies who in 2015 collaborated with their friends in the Obama Administration to craft the ISP “net neutrality” […]

Free Our Internet Statement on Burger King Net Neutrality Video

Below is a statement from Christie-Lee McNally, Executive Director of Free Our Internet, on the net neutrality video released by Burger King today:   Burger King’s latest attempt to take on a complicated policy issue outside of its own industry reeks of desperation almost as badly as its Cheetos chicken fries. The only Whopper here is that Burger King […]

FOI Letter to Congress Calls for Creation of a Joint Task Force to Investigate Online Threats Against Public Officials

In light of the increase in online threats, this morning Free Our Internet sent a letter asking committees in Congress with jurisdiction over the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to call for the formation of a joint task force to investigate credible, violent threats against policymakers made via […]

FOI Letter to Senate Commerce Committee Ahead of January 17 Hearing

This morning, Free Our Internet’s executive director, Christie-Lee McNally, sent a letter to members of the Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee ahead of their hearing entitled “Terrorism And Social Media: #IsBigTechDoingEnough?” The letter encouraged members to press representatives of Twitter, Facebook, and Google on the violence and harassment fostered by their platforms. The panel included […]

FOI Statement on Project Veritas’ Report on Twitter “Shadow Banning”

Project Veritas’ January 9th report on Twitter’s ability to control speech on their platform, including shocking admissions from current and former Twitter employees themselves, confirms what we at Free Our Internet have long known – Twitter relishes information control and polices their platform with an overt bias towards conservative voices. Concurrently, the House of Representatives […]

Another Two-faced Move by Google

In a move that would embarrass even the worst of hypocrites, Google recently took its YouTube app off Amazon Fire TV as retaliation in an ongoing dispute. Petty? Maybe. Twofaced? Absolutely. Just weeks ago, the Silicon Valley elites were crying foul about the FCC’s move to repeal disastrous Obama-era “net neutrality” rules. “The End of […]

Free Our Internet Statement On FCC Vote To Roll Back “Net Neutrality”

Today’s vote by the Federal Communications Commission to roll back the Obama administration’s oppressive Title II regulations is a victory for American citizens and proponents of free expression, absent government control. These regulations were crafted in 2015 by the tech-left in collusion with the Obama administration and wealthy liberal operators like George Soros in a […]