Free Our Internet Statement on Today’s “Death of the Internet”

Below is a statement from Christie-Lee McNally, Executive Director of Free Our Internet: Today, we say good riddance to the Obama Administration’s Net Neutrality rules that encouraged content censorship, manipulation and blocking by Silicon Valley’s largest internet companies. The rules, which were crafted in coordination with Google lobbyists, exempted giants like Facebook, Twitter and Google […]

FOI Letter to House of Representatives on Net Neutrality

This morning, Free Our Internet’s Executive Director, Christie-Lee McNally, sent a letter to the House of Representatives encouraging them to vote “no” on a Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution attempting to reinstate harmful Obama-Era utility regulations on the internet. In the letter, McNally highlights persistent attacks made by radical activists online against Federal Communications Commission […]

ICYMI: Big Tech Continues Its Assault Against Consumers

It’s been a big month for Big Tech’s assault against consumers – from censoring free speech to the mass collection of your personal information, we’re here to catch you up on Google and Twitter’s latest efforts to take over control: Last week, CBS’ 60 Minutes took on one of America’s biggest tech companies: Google. 60 […]

Free Our Internet Statement on Today’s CRA Vote

Below is a statement from Christie-Lee McNally, Executive Director of Free Our Internet on today’s disappointing Senate vote on the CRA: Senators Kennedy, Murkowski and Collins did a disservice to all internet users today by selling out to Silicon Valley and siding with the Democrats. Their votes added fuel to the politically-driven effort to use […]

Well Done, AG Hawley – Facebook Needs Reeling In

On Monday, Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley announced an investigation into Facebook’s use of personal user data. His investigation will look specifically at instances of Facebook sharing user information with political campaigns and political action committees and for good reason – Facebook has an agenda, and it is decidedly partisan. Mr. Hawley’s investigation comes in […]

Press Release: Breitbart News Network Hosts Live Townhall on April 5 in New Orleans

‘Masters of the Universe’: Big Tech vs. Free Speech and Privacy Presented by Free Our Internet NEW ORLEANS, March 27, 2018 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Breitbart News Network (BNN) announces today a live Townhall: ‘Masters of the Universe’: Big Tech vs. Free Speech and Privacy to take place on April 5 in New Orleans, Louisiana.  It will be live streamed on and Facebook. “Big tech is […]

Video: Do you think the tech-left is out of control?

Free Our Internet recently released a video of young conservatives discussing their views on censorship and why the tech-left is out of control. In particular, they touch on Google and Facebook’s overreach in banning and blocking speech from conservatives online. Take a look for yourself below, and be sure to #ReportTheBans by clicking here to […]

Free Our Internet Welcomes ex-Google engineer James Damore and First Amendment Attorney Harmeet Dhillon to CPAC 2018

Free Our Internet is excited to announce that fired Google engineer James Damore, who was brave enough to expose Google’s systemic bias against conservative viewpoints, and Harmeet Dhillon, a prominent First Amendment attorney representing Damore in his fight against Google, will be joining us at the American Conservative Union’s Conservative Political Action Conference 2018. Damore […]