About Us

Free Our Internet is a non-profit organization whose mission is to educate citizens about how Silicon Valley giants like Google, Facebook, and Twitter have been:

  • Banning, blocking, and censoring conservative speech online.
  • Trying to exempt themselves from basic consumer protection and pushing government regulations like so-called “net neutrality”
  • Abusing consumer and user data, as well as and manipulating information across their platforms.

Silicon Valley has spent tens of millions of dollars lobbying to regulate portions of the internet, while at the same time ensuring such rules are never applied to their own business. They talk about a free and open internet, but increasingly censor conservative speech online, violate consumer privacy, and manipulate and prioritize content.

Google, Facebook, and Twitter have instituted arbitrary and capricious bans to purge dissenting voices on the global internet’s most dominant platforms with absolutely no transparency or accountability to the very users whose data they depend upon. 

Now, the tech-left and their liberal allies on Capitol Hill want to exempt companies like Google and Facebook from any obligation to protect consumers online. A victory for the tech-left would mean the likes of Google and Facebook can continue to run free with their blocking and censoring of content, stealing of personal information, and misuse of data in coordination with advertisers and politicians.

It’s time for the people to demand online consumer protections, transparency, and free speech protections online. It’s time to #FreeOurInternet.

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Christie-Lee McNally – Executive Director

Christie is the executive director of Free Our Internet. She was the Maine Statewide Director for Donald J. Trump for President in 2016, is a concealed weapons permit holder, and a USAW Certified Olympic Lifting Coach. Bottom line: Don’t mess with her.




Support for FOI
We are grateful for the generous support of the Hispanic Leadership Fund, the America’s Future Fund and an anonymous foundation supporter.