Free Our Internet Statement on D.C. Circuit Court decision in Mozilla v. FCC

Today the D.C. Circuit Court released their decision in Mozilla v. FCC. Below is a statement from Christie-Lee McNally, Executive Director of Free Our Internet:

“Today’s D.C. Circuit Court decision in Mozilla v. FCC, largely kept Big Tech’s 2015 gift—the Obama Administration’s phony Net Neutrality rules—off the table. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean permanently. For too long Democrats in Congress have ignored what meaningful net neutrality protection actually means, favoring regulations that conveniently exclude the online gatekeepers in Silicon Valley—Big Tech monopolies like Google and Facebook.

The internet today is vastly different than it was in 2015, when the Obama rules were put in place. The 2019 internet is dominated by a small number of companies like Amazon, Google and Facebook, all of which have engaged in anti-competitive behavior, as well as well-documented suppression of lawful information and ideas—operating in direct violation of the “net neutrality” principals they so staunchly claim to support.

Because of this, any further action on net neutrality, whether at the federal level or in the states, should be in the form of a bipartisan bill that promotes non-discrimination principles that Big Tech too must abide by.”