The Masters of the Universe and the 2020 Elections

Last week, we saw Twitter lockdown Senator Mitch McConnell’s campaign account after they highlighted the violence directed at the Senator. Twitter finally reinstated the account after pressure from the campaign and the public. But we have to wonder, how many others have had their accounts locked for similar reasons but remain blocked because they are not a household name?

We have seen Google suspend Tulsi Gabbard’s ability to run political ads, raising enough concern that she is suing Google alleging “election interference.” Twitter previously pulled Rep. Blackburn’s ad during her Senate Campaign for supposed “inflammatory” language in an ad speaking out against abortions. The list of political bias and censorship goes on.

Dr. Robert Epstein has been warning us for years that the “Masters of the Universe” (Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) have the ability to and are using their power to influence our elections. Dr. Epstein is now warning us, along with others, that the 2020 elections are under attack by Google.

Journalist Tim Pool lays it out for us in this very informative video “Studies Prove Google Is Swinging 2020 AGAINST Trump, Biased Against Conservatives”:

“So let me say definitively, big tech and Google are biased against conservatives. Whether it’s an unintentional or intentional bias is irrelevant. The impact is obvious and the results are clear” -Tim Pool

Please help us continue to hold Big Tech accountable. If you have been put in Twitter Jail, Facebook Time Out or have received a questionable search result on Google report them to us at #ReportTheBans.

We must hold Big Tech accountable now more than ever!