Twitter Locks McConnell Campaign account but allows #MassacreMitch to Trend

This week a group of activists showed up at Senator McConnell’s home hurling threats, calling for acts of violence, and even wishing death upon the Senator. As the New York Post reports:

The vaguely pro-gun-control mob outside the McConnell residence Sunday night carried signs like #MassacreMitch; its chants ran to “Murder Turtle” (“turtle” being a favored lefty insult for the Senate majority leader) and comments like “just stab the motherf - - ker in the heart” — all broadcast live on Facebook.

In response, McConnell’s campaign Twitter account “Team_Mitch” posted the videos of these violent protesters to highlight their abhorrent behavior. Shortly thereafter the campaign’s Twitter account was locked for violating Twitter’s policies on “violent threats.” When Twitter was contacted they stated they wanted the videos removed for the “safety” of Senator McConnell.

Why did Twitter move to silence the McConnell campaign but has allowed the hashtag #MassacreMitch to continue to trend on the platform?

Clearly, Twitter is very concerned about Senator McConnell’s safety.

In actuality, it looks like Twitter is working to the hide violence perpetrated on the left toward conservatives. If a video is removed from the internet it’s as if the event never even happened.

Denying conservatives the ability to expose the violent acts directed at them but keeping the threats made against them on Twitter is a complicit act in the violence against conservatives.

The McConnell campaign is right to question and call out Twitter on its hypocrisy. We cannot allow social media platforms to continue to stifle the voices on the right while emboldening the left.