The State of Big Tech in 2019: When “Christian” Becomes a “Blacklisted” Word

When I was in college I wrote a paper for one of my English classes and received a “C”, I could not understand why since everyone that proofread the paper felt it was an “A” paper. The professor gave us an opportunity to make corrections and resubmit. I tried a little experiment and the only thing I changed was the pronouns. I made all of the pronouns gender neutral and lo and behold I received an “A”. I learned a valuable lesson that year (this was the early 1990s), it didn’t matter how well written an assignment was as long as it was politically correct you would receive a good grade.

My college paper was fairly harmless, it didn’t stop me graduating and if I had not corrected the paper I still would have passed the class. Fast forward twenty years to today and big tech companies like YouTube are rejecting advertisements containing certain keywords the company objects to – harming small businesses and political upstarts across the country. YouTube is using its massive power to ban or block content they do not agree with and it is setting a dangerous precedent. Despite recent actions, Google continues to claim the company is not biased:

“Google vice president of government affairs and public policy Karan Bhatia contested  the allegation that Google is partisan at the hearing.

 “Google is not politically biased,” Bhatia said in prepared remarks.

 “Indeed, we go to extraordinary lengths to build our products and enforce our policies in an analytically objective, apolitical way,” he said. “We do so because we want to create tools that are useful to all Americans. Our search engine and our platforms reflect the online world that is out there.”

Despite these claims, the latest example to the contrary is the rejection of the use of the word “Christian” in an ad submitted by The Mighty Oaks Foundation. The recently submitted ad for a charity supporting military veterans contained the keyword “Christian” and YouTube flat out rejected it.

To add insult to injury when the Mighty Oaks Foundation changed “Christian” to “Muslim” the ad was allowed to go through. By allowing “Muslim” to publish YouTube negated their earlier claim that Mighty Oaks was not allowed to target a religious group. YouTube your bias is showing through in spades and EVERYONE should be outraged!

“We ran a YouTube ad for our veterans ministry outreach for those in need & it was denied  for the word ‘Christian,’” Robichaux said. “Insane!” 

 Censorship should terrify every American; conservative or liberal, Christian or Muslim,” he continued.

“This bias is a dangerous course for America.”

YouTube and Google must be called out each and every time they ban, censor, or demonetize ideas or agendas they do not agree with. The bias is real and must be stopped.

– Christie-Lee McNally