Google Is the Real Election Puppet Master

Over the past few years we have seen Big Tech increase their censorship of conservatives across all platforms. Twitter has suspended the accounts of Milo Yiannopoulos, James Woods, Laura Loomer, Candace Owens and even the President. Jokes about the Facebook “Jail” are far too common but can have serious consequences to those who make a living on these platforms like Diamond and Silk. Today, Google uses its platform to give you the news that THEY want you to see. For years we have seen these complaints shot down as conservative conspiracy theories – but now that they’re coming after the Left, will the mainstream media pay attention?

The 2020 Presidential election has attracted so many candidates it is hard to keep track of – there are some old faces, Warren, Biden and Bernie, but also some new faces garnering attention like Beto and Tulsi Gabbard. After the first debate, Tulsi Gabbard had won the hearts of many that watched and soon became the most Googled candidate that night. Shortly thereafter Google suspended her Google ads account without explanation, limiting her ability to garner voters’ attention. Gabbard, a known critic of big tech, had become too popular and Google had a plan to fix it. While everyone stays focused on Russia and their involvement in our elections, Google is the real puppet master hiding away in Silicon Valley.

Tulsi is now suing Google alleging “election interference”:

“Google’s discriminatory actions against my campaign are reflective of how dangerous their complete dominance over internet search is, and how the increasing dominance of big tech companies over our public discourse threatens our core American values.”

“This is a threat to free speech, fair elections and to our democracy, and I intend to fight back on behalf of all Americans.”

It is important that no matter what side of the aisle you are on, that we hold Big Tech accountable.