Free Our Internet Statement on House Passage of the “Save the Internet Act”

Today, the House of Representatives voted to pass the “Save the Internet Act” in an attempt to reinstate the 2015 Open Internet rules. Below is a statement from Christie-Lee McNally, Executive Director of Free Our Internet:

“Ironically, the Democratic majority in the House today voted to pass the “Save the Internet Act” on the one-year anniversary of Mark Zuckerberg’s first appearance before Congress to account for gross violations of user trust. While Democrats hail this “Net Neutrality” bill as a victory for consumers, let me be clear that this is nothing more than a sleight of hand and lip service to millennial voters.

Over this past year, we have seen that monopoly internet platforms like Facebook, Google and Twitter have no desire to change their standard operating procedure of censorship, blocking access to information and little to no transparency. It would be more intellectually honest for Democrats to call this legislation what it is, the “Save the Internet Monopolies Act,” as it does nothing to stop discriminatory behavior from the few firms that control the vast majority of the internet. In fact, this bill leaves consumers completely vulnerable from “edge provider” bad behavior, which has been repeatedly documented over the past several years – whether it be violations of free expression, anti-competitive behavior, prioritization at the expense of competitors, or skirting accountability.

If the Democrats actually cared about the principles of an open internet, they would put forth a good faith effort to get it right once and for all by applying a Net Neutrality framework to Internet on and off ramps.”