Will Jigsaw Be the End of Free Speech?

Google’s Jigsaw tool reminds me of every AI sci-fi movie I have ever watched. After reading “How Google’s Jigsaw Is Trying to Detoxify the Internet,” one can only scratch their head and ask themselves “what could possibly go wrong.” I understand the intentions are good but as the saying goes “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.” Google’s Jigsaw will be the beginning of the end of free thought and free speech as we know it.

Yes, we need to remove threats of violence, hate speech (definition pending) and factually incorrect material from the internet, but other than that the internet needs to be left alone. Life is about discussion, conflict and growth and without differing opinions we can’t grow as individuals, communities and as a nation. Social movements of the past were successful because discourse was not silenced, and it shouldn’t be silenced today – certainly not by one corporation. Google is transforming themselves into the wardens of online speech and that is unacceptable. What is “toxic” for me is not the same for someone else – simply put no third party should determine what we can see on the internet.

The most disturbing thing about Jigsaw is Google’s control over the internet. We are not talking about a small piece of the pie but really their control over ALL of the internet. In summation, Google controls our entire online experience.

Gizmodo’s Kashmir Hill quit using Google’s products and chronicled what happened in “I Cut Google Out Of My Life. It Screwed Up Everything.” Hill shows just how much control Google has over our lives. I for one do not want Google deciding what is acceptable for people to see on the internet and frankly neither should you.

No one, not a government, nor a corporation, should have the kind of power that Google has and is continuing to amass. We need to open our eyes to the “projects” that are supposed to make our lives easier and see exactly how they are being used to shape public opinion.