Facebook Messes Up, Yet Again

Privacy violations at the hands of America’s biggest tech companies have become alarmingly common occurrences. It is no longer a surprise when we get word that those in Silicon Valley have once again mishandled information leading to their consumer’s data being compromised.

Nevertheless, today’s discovery that a security breach may have opened the door for hackers to take control of 50 million Facebook accounts sets off significant alarm bells. Less than a year after the Cambridge Analytica fiasco, Facebook has allowed another security vulnerability to compromise their users and their data.

Time and time again, social media giants have made it clear that they cannot be trusted to protect users’ information. From censoring free speech to the mass collection of users’ personal information, Facebook’s assault against their customers has run the gamut.

It is time for an official investigation into the behavior of these tech companies—Facebook, Google, and Twitter should prepare to answer for their mistakes.