Reddit Joins Big Tech’s Crusade Against Conservatives

Big Tech’s tirade against conservative speech and ideals is running rampant and, this week, Reddit joined other Silicon Valley goliaths when it banned QAnon’s community page, one of the group’s main hubs, from its website.

QAnon is just the latest in the seemingly endless list of right-leaning individuals or groups that have been shadowbanned, blocked, mischaracterized or shut down by Silicon Valley companies. Free Our Internet does not support acts of violence or hate speech, but we also vehemently oppose Silicon Valley’s blatant efforts to suppress conservative ideals as a method of advancing the companies’ policy positions.

And Silicon Valley is not even trying to mask the fact that its actions are policy-driven. Within the past week, Google’s official app store ‘Google Play’ banned’s mobile app from its platform, advancing the company’s gun control agenda, and Twitter officially banned Alex Jones and InfoWars.

Big Tech’s use of vague policies to silence conservatives has become incessant. It is astonishing that our leaders in Washington – including GOP Members – are not only sitting by while monopolistic Silicon Valley companies use their platforms to push policy objectives, but some have even supported a Congressional Review Act (CRA) that takes us back to Obama-era internet regulations and allows these companies to self-regulate.

It is high past time for Washington to put forth meaningful legislation that prioritizes consumers and the free speech ideals on which this country was founded.