ICYMI: Pew Research Confirms: Americans Know Big Tech Censors Conservatives Online

Just before the July Fourth holiday, leading nonpartisan fact tank Pew Research Center released a study confirming a lot of what we already knew.

In the study conducted between May and June of this year, polling over 4,000 Americans, Pew researchers were able to confirm many shocking details about the current state of online censorship:

“Seven-in-ten Americans (72%) think it likely that social media companies intentionally censor political viewpoints that those companies find objectionable…”

“85% of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents think it likely that social media sites intentionally censor political viewpoints, with 54% saying this is very likely…a majority of Republicans (64%) think major technology companies as a whole support the views of liberals over conservatives.”

“Roughly half the public thinks major tech companies should be regulated more than they are now”

While the numbers are staggering, what we found even more shocking is the lack of action from our representatives in Washington.

Today, Big Tech’s assault against consumers – especially those that are conservative – continues. While far-left Democrats run around like chickens with their heads cut off screaming about net neutrality, millions of conservative Americans are being deprived of their right to freedom of expression and speech by Silicon Valley elites.

Find your representative here and write them to say that Big Tech’s censorship of conservatives must be stopped!

You can view the full study by the Pew Research Center here.