Silicon Valley–The Censors of the Digital Age

Today, as far left activists gather on Capitol Hill in an aggression-laden attempt to rally support for the pro-Silicon Valley #NetNeutrality CRA, Free Our Internet will be tweeting examples of content censorship, manipulation and blocking by Silicon Valley’s largest internet monopolies. The rules that the CRA would bring back were crafted in coordination with Google lobbyists and exempted giants like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube from any obligations to uphold a truly open internet, despite their lip service in support of it. In fact, while these companies and their activists were trumpeting the wonders of a free and open internet, they were simultaneously deciding what internet users could and could not see and access online.

Check out @Free_Our_Net throughout the day for actual examples of how Silicon Valley platform monopolies continue to censor, block and manipulate information online. It’s time to hold them accountable—it is time to end Obama’s fake #netneutrality and replace it with rules that apply to Google and Facebook!