Free Our Internet Statement on Today’s “Death of the Internet”

Below is a statement from Christie-Lee McNally, Executive Director of Free Our Internet:

Today, we say good riddance to the Obama Administration’s Net Neutrality rules that encouraged content censorship, manipulation and blocking by Silicon Valley’s largest internet companies. The rules, which were crafted in coordination with Google lobbyists, exempted giants like Facebook, Twitter and Google from any obligations to uphold an open internet, despite their lip service in support of the idea. The 2015 Net Neutrality rules did nothing to protect consumers from arbitrary blocking or censoring of content while on some of the largest communications platforms in the world. Wiping out regulations tailored to help politically-driven corporations like Google, which enjoy 91 percent of the search market, is a decisive victory for internet users who want unfettered access to information and ideas. The only way to get a free and open internet at this point is through a law that applies net neutrality to ISPs and internet companies alike. Congress should turn a blind eye to Google’s $18 million a year in lobbying by rejecting the activist-driven CRA and doing what it was elected to do — legislate a real solution.