ICYMI: Big Tech Continues Its Assault Against Consumers

It’s been a big month for Big Tech’s assault against consumers – from censoring free speech to the mass collection of your personal information, we’re here to catch you up on Google and Twitter’s latest efforts to take over control:

Last week, CBS’ 60 Minutes took on one of America’s biggest tech companies: Google.

60 Minutes showed viewers what Free Our Internet has been saying all along: the incestuous swamp that is D.C. is bought and paid for by Google, and as a result, it has skirted official antitrust investigations one too many times. As noted in the 60 Minutes expose above:

“Reback and others…have long suspected that the outcome had something to do with Google’s political muscle in Washington and its close relationship with the Obama administration. Google spent more money on lobbying last year than any other corporation, employing 25 different firms and helping fund 300 trade associations, think tanks and other groups…”

To no surprise, U.S. officials have yet to launch an official investigation into claims made against Google.

If Google’s stronghold over D.C. wasn’t enough, this month a self-titled video “The Selfish Ledger” was leaked from Google HQ. The startling video outlines the company’s future plans to track your every move. While the company tried to shrug off the project, analysis by The Verge showed us otherwise:

“Google quickly disavowed the video, claiming it was just a thought experiment ‘not related to any current or future products.’ And yet, the company’s patent applications exhibit a mode of thinking that runs at least in parallel, if not on the exact same tracks, as The Selfish Ledger’s total data collection proposal…”

See for yourself: ‘The Selfish Ledger

Surprisingly this month, Google gets to share the spotlight with another repeat offender of Silicon Valley. It’s been reported that Twitter will soon begin to delete “bad tweets.” That’s right, the ‘Twitter Police’ have just gained one more tool against conservative voices giving them ‘cause’ to silence us form the platform. Or, as they put it:

“There are many new signals we’re taking in, most of which are not visible externally. Just a few examples include if an account has not confirmed their email address…accounts that repeatedly Tweet and mention accounts that don’t follow them, or behavior that might indicate a coordinated attack.”

Protection against a “coordinated attack” is just another tactic to muffle conservative activist groups from speaking out against the leftist machine that is Big Tech in Silicon Valley.

To get an idea of what we are up against here are the many millions Big Tech’s elite class took home just last year:

  • Amazon: $177.8 Billion
  • Google (Alphabet): $110.8 Billion
  • Facebook: $40.6 Billion
  • Twitter: $2.4 Billion