Free Our Internet Welcomes ex-Google engineer James Damore and First Amendment Attorney Harmeet Dhillon to CPAC 2018

Free Our Internet is excited to announce that fired Google engineer James Damore, who was brave enough to expose Google’s systemic bias against conservative viewpoints, and Harmeet Dhillon, a prominent First Amendment attorney representing Damore in his fight against Google, will be joining us at the American Conservative Union’s Conservative Political Action Conference 2018.

Damore was fired from Google in August of last year after circulating a memo internally that he penned on the company’s internal culture and hiring practices which he dubbed “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber.”

Damore’s lawsuit against Google is a brave and important step in the fight to hold Silicon Valley accountable for its clear bias against conservatives. These companies claim to value diversity, but in reality, they abhor any viewpoint that conflicts with their own. Free speech is threatened by the liberal ideologies of Silicon Valley’s largest companies, who exercise vast influence over today’s  online communications platforms. These platforms – Twitter, Facebook, Google, and the like – have become a critical part of our ability to express ourselves, mobilize, educate and participate in the democratic process. These companies learned long ago that if you control the medium, you control the message, and they have used this control to silence conservatives by blocking and censoring on their gatekeeper platforms.

We at Free Our Internet are thrilled to be joined by James and Harmeet at CPAC this year, and we proudly support their mission. If you are at CPAC, stop by our booth to say hi!