Free Our Internet Response to the Internet Association’s Letter in Support of the CRA Resolution to Restore 2015 “Net Neutrality” regulation

Unsurprisingly, the Internet Association has thrown its support behind the Democrat-led Congressional Review Act effort to restore the FCC’s recently repealed Obama “Net Neutrality” regulations. Many of the Association’s biggest members –such as Google– are the same companies who in 2015 collaborated with their friends in the Obama Administration to craft the ISP “net neutrality” rules, while ensuring no such neutrality requirements would apply to their own business models. During the 2.5 years those rules were in place, the platform and content gatekeepers in Silicon Valley have increasingly been blocking and censoring speech, as well as prioritizing their own services to the detriment of their competitors, leaving consumers stuck in the middle. The Internet Association’s support of the CRA resolution is little more than a thinly veiled attempt by these massive tech titans to continue subjectively filtering content on their platforms, posing a direct threat to free speech for all citizens of the internet.  We need to have an honest discussion about a truly fair and open internet and this includes holding all parties accountable, and this cannot be done through the CRA process. If the Internet Association is being honest about its openness to legislation that gives online users meaningful open Internet protections, then it should happily welcome a bill that also applies to its member companies.