Another Two-faced Move by Google

In a move that would embarrass even the worst of hypocrites, Google recently took its YouTube app off Amazon Fire TV as retaliation in an ongoing dispute.

Petty? Maybe.

Twofaced? Absolutely.

Just weeks ago, the Silicon Valley elites were crying foul about the FCC’s move to repeal disastrous Obama-era “net neutrality” rules. “The End of the Internet as We Know It,” declared a CNN headline. Quite rich, you might say, that companies who were pleading for so-called “net neutrality” are banning and blocking to the detriment of consumers.

Here’s a question: Isn’t that a violation of the principles they were purporting to stand for?

You bet.

This is just another example of the tech-left saying one thing and meaning another. Sadly, no one who has followed this debate closely is surprised. The likes of Google and other tech companies have been notorious for banning and blocking conservatives, as well as rival business interests, for years. We recently documented this in a post on Medium.

Google, Facebook, Twitter and others massive online companies have claimed “net neutrality” is necessary to keep the internet free and open (despite the fact that the 2015 rules were implemented with zero evidence of any previous wrongdoing to protect against). In this case, Google should practice what it preaches.