Free Our Internet Statement On FCC Vote To Roll Back “Net Neutrality”

Today’s vote by the Federal Communications Commission to roll back the Obama administration’s oppressive Title II regulations is a victory for American citizens and proponents of free expression, absent government control. These regulations were crafted in 2015 by the tech-left in collusion with the Obama administration and wealthy liberal operators like George Soros in a dangerous move to turn the internet into a government-run utility. Contrary to the current misinformation campaign, the move mirrored those of authoritarian regimes worldwide seeking more top-down control of communication networks.

Today, the FCC made the right decision in spite of mass hysteria completely out of touch with reality and history, which was primarily driven by far left activists who receive millions from liberal foundations and some of the biggest corporations in Silicon Valley.

The 2015 order was cloaked in friendly messaging, but was far more dangerous than anyone has been reporting. Make no mistake, the Title II classification from the Obama regulations was nothing more than a ploy to put the federal government in control, opening the gate to censorship and higher costs for consumers.