Google’s YouTube Blocks Conservatives; Allows Murder, Sexual Innuendo on Kids Channel

Every parent worries about monitoring what their children are exposed to on the internet. These days, it can be full of violence, pornography, and disturbing images. But when parents hand their kids an iPad to play with or let them browse the web, they are usually able to trust that content being placed on kids sites like YouTube Kids is safe.


Google’s YouTube is coming under fire for allowing disturbing videos on a platform that is aimed explicitly at children. There are videos on YouTube Kids that are full of sexual innuendos, violence, and other awful scenes. Some cartoons even rip off copyrighted content like Nickelodeon’s Peppa Pig and turn them into twisted videos more fit for a horror movie. Many have hundreds of millions of views and those who posted them are, more than likely, making money hand over fist.

So while Google’s YouTube will allow content like this on a children’s platform, they continue to demonetize conservatives like Diamond and Silk because they support Donald Trump. And let’s not forget how they censored Prager U videos like “Is Islam a Religion of Peace?” or “Why America Must Lead?”

Talk about not having your priorities straight.

YouTube, like most other Silicon Valley companies, is applying a double standard to conservatives and free speech. In the end, it’s about two things: looking after their bottom line and supporting their political agenda.

It’s time for them to get their act together, and it’s time for us to continue to fight to #FreeOurInternet!