Kudos to Cruz

Lawyers from Facebook, Google, and Twitter appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday on a much anticipated hearing on Russia’s influence on the 2016 election. And while the committee focused on fake ads and making sure foreign money doesn’t get in elections, Sen. Ted Cruz made another crucial point on the power of Silicon Valley saying, “The prospect of Silicon Valley companies actively censoring speech is troubling to the democratic process and the First Amendment.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Sen. Cruz is one of the few people who realizes how Silicon Valley has abused their power, targeted conservatives, and still pretends they’ve created “neutral public forums.” He voiced a concern everyday Americans online have long known: the tech-left is out of control and only values speech that aligns with their values.

Google and Twitter have been some of the worst abusers of free speech online and banning and blocking of conservatives on their platforms has been rampant. Kudos to Senator Cruz for being one of the few voices to stand up to them. His colleagues should pay attention to yet another reason why we must #FreeOurInternet!