Soros’s Diabolical Plan

We’ve known for a long time that powerful forces are at work behind controlling the people’s internet, but the radical leftist mega donor George Soros has just solidified these fears by giving an astounding $18 billion to his Open Society Foundation. This “foundation,” which is known for promoting liberal causes, has been used as Soros’s vehicle for fighting conservatives and promoting his own political agenda.

The Open Society Foundation promotes itself as a public interest group and as “grassroots,” but it is funded by Soros and operates misleadingly under the guise of doing good for Americans. Given that he’s one of the richest men in America, it’s hard to compete with such devious forces.

Throughout 2015, George Soros funneled millions of dollars to groups that support so-called “net neutrality.” With the pretext of maintaining a free and open internet, Soros used this power and influence to push Obama’s radical grab of the internet which is finally being rolled back by the Trump administration.  Soros, along with other groups like the Ford Foundation, spent a record-breaking $200 million to push the rule.

So the question remains:

If Soros was able to help take control of the internet with a few hundred million…what will he be able to do with $18 billion?

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