Twitter Censors a Congressman for Standing Up to Planned Parenthood

Imagine a world where a liberal tech company goes out of its way to censor content from a conservative congressman describing her fight to preserve a culture of life, yet allows ISIS a platform to espouse its beliefs freely online. Sadly, there’s no need to imagine such a ridiculous double standard being applied to conservatives online.

Silicon Valley is at it again.

The tech-left liberal elite is showing their true colors when it comes to conservative speech on the internet.  Twitter, a platform that has no problem with users tweeting threatening comments to the president and other conservatives or promoting the hashtag #AssassinateTrump  recently blocked promotion of an advertisement for Congressman Marsha Blackburn’s Senate run.
Why? Because she had the courage to challenge Planned Parenthood’s operations and communicate her position on the issue to constituents.

Twitter is a massive communications platform that is overtly abusing its position as a content gatekeeper on the internet. It seems that the only “appropriate” speech it allows is one with a leftist tone that aligns with its own political preferences.  Only after a total uproar did they change their mind.

We’ve documented how they’ve done this before in our #ReportTheBans section with pro-life groups. Time and time again, Twitter and the tech-left elites have gone out of their way to push their political agenda and silence those who they don’t agree with.

Have you had enough?

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