Pai Confirmation a Defeat for Tech-Left

This past week, the Senate reconfirmed Ajit Pai to his second term as chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). This is a huge victory for those who support a free and open internet because it brings us one step closer to undoing the damage President Obama caused while his Silicon Valley order taker Tom Wheeler was at the FCC’s helm.

In 2015, Obama coordinated with Silicon Valley to mobilize his supporters and orchestrate a federal government grab to control our information platforms. Obama’s FCC demanded that the internet be turned into a government-controlled utility which handed power over to the likes of Google and Facebook.

But we know Silicon Valley cannot be trusted as the gatekeepers of the internet.

We’ve seen them abuse their power, using their influence to ban and block conservatives. Americans have had enough of their ploy to control the people’s internet, and luckily Chairman Pai recognizes this. We cannot wait any longer for the Obama-era “net neutrality” rules to be rolled back.

Reining in big tech is one of the most important battles we’ve faced in decades. It’s a fight against the tech-left, their liberal corporate allies, and the big government special interests who thought they could use these rules to solidify their power.  After years of abuse, the time to #FreeOurInternet is now!