Billionaire encourages Facebook to “read every message”

Late last week former New York City Mayor and billionaire Michael Bloomberg commented on Russian fake news and propaganda around the 2016 Presidential election at his inaugural Bloomberg Global Business Forum. The solution to this social media problem that he says is “killing democracy” is simple: Facebook should “read every message” before it’s posted to make sure nothing hinky gets up.

Bloomberg’s insanely ridiculous, stupid and silly comments are emblematic of a systemic problem with the tech-left’s growing control over our internet. As our conversations have moved to the internet, about any number of issues, the tech giants controlling these means of communication – like Facebook, Twitter, and Google – and have taken it on themselves to censor opinions that skew from their leftist worldview.

Bloomberg’s sentiment that it is fundamentally important to “keep democracy safe for all of our citizens” is absolutely correct. But democracy is maintained by an open forum – the ability for all citizens to express their opinions, and there’s a darn good reason why the amendment guaranteeing our right to free speech was the FIRST amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Dealing with Russian interference in our Presidential elections is important – that kind of tampering cannot and should not be tolerated. But big government nannies and snoops requiring our online platforms to “read every message” smacks of the absolute worst aspects of a surveillance state.

Free Our Internet is working to take back control of our internet from tech giants and their big government allies like Michael Bloomberg. Together we can preserve internet freedoms and the free speech that is so important to maintain our democracy.