Free Our Internet Announces Appointment of Advisory Board

September 19, 2017 – Today, Free Our Internet is pleased to announce the appointment of three individuals to the organization’s Advisory Board. A consortium of champions of free speech hailing from different backgrounds, Free Our Internet’s Advisory Board will represent and advise the organization as it pursues its mission to take back our internet from the tech-left and its wealthy and politically connected Silicon Valley allies. The Advisory Board includes:

Burgess Owens – Burgess is a former University of Miami and NFL defensive back. He led the Raiders’ defensive squad in tackles during their Championship season and during the 1981 Super Bowl XV game and was selected to the NFL All Pro-Bowl as First Alternate in 1982. Burgess has spent the last three decades speaking throughout the country about the life lessons and principles that are necessary for personal and financial success.

David Nelson – David is a frequent contributor to Fox News, Fox Business, CNBC, and Bloomberg, and an anchor for Newsmax Media. He is the Chief Strategist at Belpointe Asset Management, a CFA charter holder, and previously held positions with Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, and Lehman Brothers.

Nick Adams – Nick is the founder and executive director of the Foundation for Liberty and American Greatness (FLAG). Nick is a regular contributor to Fox News, Fox Business, and C-SPAN, and has appeared on The Sean Hannity Show, The Glenn Beck Program, The Laura Ingraham Show, and The 700 Club.

As part of the announcement, Christie-Lee McNally, executive director of Free Our Internet, released the following statement:

“We are thrilled to welcome our Advisory Board members today. This group of champions, while hailing from a variety of backgrounds, all share a common belief in the importance of a free and open internet and in the value of free speech to all Americans.”

“With increasing frequency, the tech-left has been waging a dangerous war on our free and open internet, arbitrarily censoring voices that don’t align with their leftist worldview. Free Our Internet’s goal is to combat the growing monopoly power of Silicon Valley – power that increasingly is being used to silence dissenting voices and opinions online.”

“Whether it’s Google’s recent firing of an engineer for an internal memo critical of the company’s leftist culture, the recent demonetization of YouTube stars Diamond and Silk, or Google’s deactivation of Canadian scholar Jordan Peterson over his criticism of the social justice left, Silicon Valley monopolies have shown a new determination to ban, censor and block online voices that express alternative viewpoints. While tech giants like Google and Facebook have played a pivotal role in creating platforms for sharing ideas, they have evolved into unaccountable monopolies that ban alternative views  in favor of their own liberal ideology.”

Free Our Internet ( is a non-profit citizen group whose mission is educate the public about how leftist super-elites and their powerful corporate allies in Silicon Valley have methodically used their wealth and political influence to erode the public’s internet freedoms and destroy alternative media. Our goal is to empower the public to fight back against the tech-left’s well-funded war to control our means of communication, information, organizing, and mobilizing: the internet. Free Our Internet and its supporters stand for free speech and expression online, protecting the diversity of ideas, and opposing government actions that undermine internet openness and transparency.

Media Contact: Chad Wilkinson

[email protected]