Analysis Shows Tech-Left Bombarded FCC with Fake Comments

Tech-left elites have long tried to control the internet through influence laundering, political donations and collusion with Obama’s government. They have worked for years to take over the internet’s infrastructure and regulate their competitors like public utilities, while giving them a free hand to do whatever they wish online.

But now they’ve stooped to a new low. The FCC’s recent comment period on the repeal of the Obama-Soros-Clinton “net neutrality” rules closed last month and a new analysis now shows that millions of comments posted in support of “net neutrality” were fake.

A recent Breitbart article summed up the analysis of the comments conducted by a data analytics firm called Emprata saying, “When analysts account for all of the fake comments submitted to the FCC, Emprata found that 69.9% of those who submitted comments to the FCC wanted to repeal net neutrality, while only 29.5% wanted to preserve the controversial internet regulations.”

Let that sink in for a moment… More than two times the number of comments posted from real people supported repealing Obama’s government grab to control our information platforms.

On top of that, the analysis showed that 1.72 million comments came from foreign addresses that could not be verified including many from Russia. Unsurprisingly, almost all of these comments from foreign countries favored Obama’s invasive takeover of our internet to placate his buddies at Google, Facebook and Amazon.

It’s shocking how far the tech-left will go to crush those who oppose its reactionary worldview. First it was fake news, then it was fake science, now it’s even fake comments.