Yet Another Double Standard from Silicon Valley Liberals

In their continuing effort to censor conservatives online, the tech-left is using the events in Charlottesville as an excuse to target conservatives. This time, Google has removed Gab, nicknamed the “free speech social network,” from their online app store for allegedly violating their hate speech policy.

Sadly, this isn’t the first time that this group has faced the wrath of the oppressive, anti-free speech tech-left. Free Our Internet has previously documented in our #ReportTheBans campaign how Gab’s founder was banned from the Silicon Valley startup community YCombinator after members said his defense of Donald Trump made them feel unsafe.  And earlier this January, the Gab app was rejected from being listed on the App store on Apple devices.

The tech-left will stop at nothing.

For the Silicon Valley elites, it appears hate speech and expressing conservative viewpoints are one in the same. So while Tumblr, Twitter, and other social networks that are filled with offensive, pornographic, and racist content are allowed to exist, another Silicon Valley elitist company is imposing the industry-wide double standard for a site whose mission is “to put people and free speech first.” Unbelievable.

Only together can we fight back against the ongoing censorship of conservatives online. Join Free Our Internet in fighting back against those who want to censor conservative viewpoints, ban their online activities, and regulate legitimate discourse.