Twitter EXPOSED for Blocking Dissent on “Net Neutrality”

Twitter and Facebook are at it again, blocking conservative voices and promoting the Soros-left agenda online. They’ve proven again that they’ll stop at nothing to censor conservatives – a total witch hunt!

A recent article in The Street exposed the social media giants’ hypocrisy and how Twitter was slammed for blocking critics of Obama era “Net Neutrality” rules. These are the same rules that the Soros-Clinton-Obama-left and their Silicon Valley allies used to orchestrate the federal government’s grab of the people’s internet.

They got caught red-handed!

In a letter from Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson and Missouri Senator Roy Blunt, the two BLASTED Twitter’s move calling it “disturbing.” Twitter had flagged certain tweets as “suspicious” and prevented people from sharing anything opposing “Net Neutrality.”

The tech-left thinks they can continue to hide behind “Net Neutrality” and keep blocking dissenting voices, but they’re dead wrong! The left and their big government allies are being outgunned by those who want to restore the internet freedoms to average Americans. It’s time to roll back these rules and restore the people’s internet.

The momentum to #FreeOurInternet is building and for many…it just got a whole lot more personal!