Amazon-owned Alexa decertifies Amazon-owned Washington Post media competitor Breitbart News

Two important stories yesterday illustrate why protecting alternative media and viewpoints is so absolutely critical in the face of the ongoing collapse and loss of credibility of the mainstream press. Both stories involve Amazon and its CEO Jeff Bezos’ personal blog, The Washington Post.

First, Breitbart News reported a bigly important story yesterday that shed light on the real reason for the site’s recent viewership falloff. While enjoying similar traffic numbers to the Washington Post during and after the election, Vanity Fair’s Tina Nguyen reported on May 26th that Breitbart’s numbers fell off a cliff post-election, dropping to number #281 in the Alexa rankings.

She attributed the falloff to viewers weariness of what she believed to be President Trump’s unpopularity and Breitbart’s aggressive “attack” style reporting.

It turns out that the huge drop in Breitbart’s ranking has all of the hallmarks of digital hooliganism – a “technical glitch” by Alexa, that once fixed, returned Breitbart’s ranking to the 59th most visited site in the U.S., in striking distance to the Washington Post’s own Alexa ranking of #39. From Breitbart:

After Breitbart reached out to Amazon-owned Alexa, a senior executive apologized to Breitbart and said the company had erroneously “decertified” Breitbart’s account, causing the inaccurate drop in rankings. After Alexa restored Breitbart’s certification, the ranking instantly shot up to #59.

Re-read the above and see if something curious jumps out at you. Yes… Alexa is owned by Amazon, which also owns the Washington Post. It appears that someone at Alexa secretly “decertified” Breitbart’s account causing the site’s precipitous drop in rankings.

A second, related story yesterday, concerned Hillary Clinton’s speech at the annual Code Conference in California during which she remarked that Jeff Bezos was responsible for “saving” the Washington Post. Clinton even suggested that it would be great if more tech oligarchs would buy media companies to change the “entrenched” nature of so-called conservative media.

Clinton’s shout out to Bezos shouldn’t be surprising. After all, his personal blog wrote hundreds of negative stories about Donald Trump during the election (over 560 hit pieces alone in August 2016 by our count). Bezos’ blog also published a spectacularly deranged piece in September suggesting that Clinton’s infamous collapse in front of her SUV was a consequence of poisoning… by Vladimir Putin.

Blatant leftist bias by the mainstream press is nothing new, but we’ve entered an Orwellian era indeed when the left allies with billionaire tech oligarchs like Google, Amazon and Facebook to prop up their dying media franchises.

Yesterday’s Breitbart story suggests a dangerous escalation of the tech-left’s brinksmanship. The quaint notion of competing in the marketplace of ideas has now been supplanted by using the opaque levers of technology to secretly censor and ban alternative viewpoints.

As we’ve reported previously, examples of the tech-left’s censorship have exploded in the last 18 months. The Amazon/Alexa conspiracy demonstrates yet another arrow in the tech-left’s quiver: When your media competition is in striking distance, simply have one of your other companies quietly decertify them in the web traffic rankings.