Color of Change calls for net neutrality to ban conservative media voices

It just gets more brazen.

As we reported last week, several net neutrality supporters were seen carrying signs at the FCC’s May 18th protest calling to ban online conservative media.

Now new video has emerged from a Color of Change speaker at the rally echoing their sentiment:

“…That’s what we do at Color of Change. I want to ask one more question. How many of y’all know Bill O’Reilly? How many of y’all saw that he got kicked off of Fox News recently? You know how that happens?… Net neutrality.”

As we have pointed out, Color of Change has launched several campaigns to ban conservative media including campaigns aimed at kicking Glenn Beck and CNN media personality Harry Houck off the air.

Color of Change was also behind a more recent campaign to ban Sirius XM’s Patriot Radio, using the dog whistle charge of “white supremacy” to get the National Rifle Association, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and others off the airwaves.

The group has also teamed up with Hillary Clinton’s new PAC Onward Together to raise money for liberal candidates and causes.

But he most chilling aspect of Color of Change’s campaign is that the group specifically sites the importance of government regulation of the internet (specifically net neutrality) to ban voices they disagree with.

Lets go to the tape…