Late breaking news: Internet takeover supporters now blatantly calling for banning media they don’t like

We’ve yelled from the rafters that the tech-left’s goal with net neutrality was to institute a government takeover of the internet.

We’ve shared with you hundreds of examples of how net neutrality supporters like Google, George Soros and their leftist water carriers in Washington were working to ban viewpoints they didn’t like.

We’ve shared with you quotes from their own mouths about how taking control of the infrastructure of our media, internet and communication systems is an integral part of their strategy to overthrow capitalism itself.

Now this…

Several stories have emerged from this morning’s pro-net neutrality protests showing what are described as antifa radicals carrying “Ban Drudge” and “Ban Breitbart” signs.

Not surprisingly, this has sent Soros’ shock troops into a panic as they try and walk back what their true intentions have been all along. Free Press’ Matt Wood tweeted this morning that they were “fakes” who didn’t understand the issue.

What’s unfortunate for Free Press and other net neutrality supporters is that they have left an exceedingly long trail of bread crumbs that show this is exactly what they’ve been fighting for all along:

  • In 2008, the founder of Matt Wood’s neo-Marxist group Free Press opined that “any serious effort to reform the media system would have to necessarily be part of a revolutionary program to overthrow the capitalist system itself.”
  • In 2009, Free Press’ founder noted that their goal was to move ahead “toward a new kind of journalism” the result of which would be a “marked shift to the political Left.”
  • In 2009, net neutrality supporter Color of Change launched a campaign against Fox News that ultimately forced Glenn Beck off cable television.
  • In 2013, Color of Change launched a separate pressure campaign that ultimately forced Fox News to cancel the crime series COPS.
  • More recently, they launched a new effort for CNN to fire its contributor Harry Houck.

And these are just a handful of examples of how Soros-funded leftist pressure groups have been working to takeover our media and internet.

This fight will only get hotter. Please send a message to the FCC today to oppose efforts by the tech-left and liberal globalists to take over our internet.

The future of a free and open internet is at stake.