Letter from Christie-Lee McNally: Take Action to Free the Internet from the Tech-left

Here we go again…yet another leftist campaign to ban internet free speech

We need your help! Would you be willing to take action today to protect a free and open internet from George Soros and the tech-left? Take action! 

It was only a matter of time, but late Sunday night the globalists and tech-left teamed up with their fellow travelers in liberal Hollywood to once again push for a government takeover the internet.

You may remember that two years ago, President Obama gave away our internet to leftist Silicon Valley companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter.

Prodded on by the radical left and financed with hundreds of millions of dollars from George Soros, Obama passed sweeping rules to regulate our internet as a government-managed public utility.

The reason should be self-evident: The internet serves as our means of communication, information, organizing, and mobilizing. Control the medium and you control the message…on a global scale.

The massive internet uprising in 2016 that defeated the tech-left is an existential threat to Silicon Valley and Soros-funded globalists. For the first time in years, conservatives mobilized as never before to call them out on their lies.

Not surprisingly, the tech-left response was as expected: It took less than two years since Obama’s rules were passed for Silicon Valley to brazenly start banning content, censoring conservative voices and even manipulating search results to silence our voices and push their globalist agenda.

Help us stop Silicon Valley monopolies and globalists like Soros from silencing our voices. Take action right now!

Now they’ve even engaged their leftist friends in Hollywood…

Late Sunday night, John Oliver unleashed another pack of lies about how President Trump plans to undo rules protecting the free and open internet.

Oliver twaddled on for over 20 minutes about how it’s really Silicon Valley competitors – the telcos – who threaten the internet freedom.

Do you want to know how many times the left has said the telcos have “violated” internet freedom? A grand total of 12 (twelve!) times… in the last 12 (twelve!) years. And most of their examples are trumped up hogwash at best.

By contrast, take a guess at how many examples we found of Silicon Valley companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter and others violating our free speech by banning, censoring and manipulating content to silence our voices.

Over 137 times!

And that was just what we found in about one day’s worth of research.

Furthermore, most of the examples occurred in just the past year. In fact, Silicon Valley has wracked up as many assaults on free speech in ONE MONTH as the left claims the entire telco industry has wracked up in over a 12-year period!

You can see for yourself here.

And what do we hear from liberal Hollywood blowhards like Oliver about Silicon Valley’s brazen, systemic and sustained assault on free speech? Crickets.

You see this has nothing to do with arcane policy issues like net neutrality. No, President Trump’s FCC wants to roll back Obama’s internet takeover for one simple reason:

To protect internet free speech.

The left is already unleashing a torrent of vitriol against President Trump’s FCC. Please let the FCC know that we’re on to the left’s lies. Send the FCC a message of support today.

That’s why it’s critical for you to send a message to the FCC today. It will take you less than 1 minute and it’s the most important fight you will engage in this year.

If we fail to protect free speech on the internet, we will have lost a critical battle in our fight against the globalists and Silicon Valley monopolies.

Please make your voice heard today.

Christie Lee McNally
Free Our Internet

PS – We will be releasing our own video response to John Oliver’s claptrap in the next couple of days and will share it with you shortly. Please email the FCC today.