The Ruling Internet Class and its Factotums

In the weeks and months ahead, you will be hearing often from the elite members of the Ruling Internet Class.

Before you take their Orwellian “open internet” doublespeak at face value, we urge you to check back here often to better understand their real agenda – total control of our nation’s Internet, media and communications systems.

We think you’ll agree: it’s not about an internet for you… It’s about an internet for them.

Ruling Internet Class

George Soros
Wreaks havoc across the United States by funding violent left-wing protests, manipulating U.S. elections, and working to destroy American sovereignty.

Spends hundreds of millions of dollars funding leftist pressure groups to do his dirty work to take over the internet and America’s media and bend it to his globalist agenda.

Eric Schmidt
As Google’s ambassador to the elite political class and a founding member of Silicon Valley’s Internet Censorship Bureau, Schmidt blithely waves away the trifling concerns of the internet hoi polloi: “We’re not arguing for censorship,” he insists. “[W]e’re arguing for just take it off the page… right… Put it somewhere else. Make it harder to find.

Bankrolling President Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaigns paid off big time under his leadership, as Google employees visited the White House an eye-popping 427 times.

Schmidt can often be spotted at globalist and elitist soirees like Davos and Further Future, described as the “Burning Man for the 1%.”

Sir Tim Berners Lee
One of the newer members of the Internet Censorship Bureau, Sir Tim believes the internet needs to be regulated to silence our “nasty, mean ideas.”

Also says that “[W]e actually have to not leave people to make whatever social networks they like,” (hear that

Pushes his internet regulation and censorship gospel globally thanks to millions in Google cash laundered through his World Wide Web Foundation.

Jeff Bezos
Bought the Washington Post in 2013 and quickly turned it into his own personal blog. In 2016, routinely carried Silicon Valley’s water by publishing fawning stories about their favored globalist candidate Hillary Clinton and negative stories about her opponent.

Our favorite… The News-of-the-World-esque story that Hillary Clinton’s infamous fall was a consequence of being poisoned… by Vladimir Putin.

Mark Zuckerberg
An enthusiastic Internet Censorship Bureau member, Zuckerberg was ratted out by his former employees in 2016 after his company was caught routinely suppressing news stories of interest to conservative readers.

In 2016, the virtue signaling social media oligarch weighed in fulsomely on the immigration debate (to protect his access to cheap foreign labor of course), opportunistically noting, “I hear fearful voices calling for building walls and distancing people they label as others.”

Less than a year later, sued to keep the Hawaiian commoners off his palatial estate, even building a 6-foot wall around the property to keep the riff raff away.


David Brock
As George Soros’ master media propagandist, Brock’s plan to secretly collaborate with Facebook and Google to suppress free speech by labeling dissenting voices as “fake news” was leaked in early January.

The secret document noted that “Media Matters will serve as their partner” and help Facebook “adjust its model to stem the flow of damaging fake news on its platform’s pages.”

Evan Greer
As a radical polk-punk anarchistic internet takeover activist, Greer is also a self-described trans activist and “creator of mayhem.” His interests include “dismantling capitalist infrastructure” and “fighting capitalism.” Favorite books include “Tearing Down the Streets: Adventures in Urban Anarchy” and the Industrial Workers of the World’s “Little Red Book.”

Prior to joining the internet takeover movement, Greer worked for three years to free a convicted al Qaeda terrorist from prison who threatened to shoot up a Boston shopping mall. Despite this, he regularly hobnobs with some of America’s leading politicians and appeared to have no problem getting an audience with top Obama regulatory officials.

Marvin Ammori
The shilliest of the Google shills, Ammori was a master astroturfer in Silicon Valley’s war to take over the internet until 2016, routinely hiding behind his non-profit affiliations to do Google’s bidding on all things internet.

Google is one of his founding clients. His other numerous Google connections include Engine Advocacy (Google-funded), New America Foundation (Google, Soros-funded), Stanford Center for the Internet and Society (Google-funded).

Ammori’s curious views on internet free speech were best outlined in a 2009 white paper on the subject in which he argued that “current free speech doctrine appears to rest on a mistake,” that government should “with minimal scrutiny… impose speech-based exceptions to general laws in order to promote certain content.”

Gigi Sohn
Among the elite of the status striving, leftist intelligentsia, Sohn has always been front and center at the vanguard of the globalist revolution.

As George Soros’ favorite globalist foot soldier, Sohn cut her teeth at the leftist Ford Foundation; then founded Public Knowledge with millions in Ford and Soros lucre; then infiltrated the FCC where she worked to undermine the free and open internet. Not surprisingly, after years in the internet takeover trenches, she joined Soros’ Open Society Institute in 2016.

Robert McChesney
Founder of the Neo-Marxist group Free Press, an organization that laughably claims it’s for a “free press” and an “open internet.”

Here’s our favorite McChesney quote. You be the judge: “Any serious effort to reform the media system would have to necessarily be part of a revolutionary program to overthrow the capitalist system itself.”