“Free Our Internet” launches new campaign to expose tech-left censorship

Crowd-sourced investigative project seeks reports from internet users on how Silicon Valley’s “Internet Censorship Bureau” silences dissenting voices

May 4, 2017 — Today, Free Our Internet launched a new campaign to expose the tech-left’s growing efforts to silence dissent on the internet. The new campaign will rely on crowd-sourced information and citizen investigators to help build out a chronological database of how Silicon Valley’s “Internet Censorship Bureau” bans users, censors speech, and manipulates search results.

“Silicon Valley and leftist foundations talk about a ‘free and open internet’, but the reality is they have methodically used their wealth and political influence to wage war on alternative media and alternative viewpoints,” said Free Our Internet’s Christie Lee McNally.

“The globalist elite have always exercised their influence through manufactured consent,” continued McNally. “In the past they used the mainstream media to convince everyone that their point of view was the only point of view. The waning influence of the mainstream press and the growth of the internet threatened to democratize information and break their control of their preferred narrative.”

“Not surprisingly, this is a huge threat to the tech-left and the new global elite — leftist Silicon Valley billionaires. They have quickly forsaken their commitment to a free and open internet and are using their dominance to push their own values while silencing those with other points of view.”

The new campaign has already compiled more than 137 examples of Silicon Valley companies brazenly banning users, censoring content and manipulating search results to undermine the democratization of information on the web.

“We gathered these examples in less than 24 hours,” said McNally. “The most surprising aspect of our research is that the majority of censorship examples have occurred since 2015, after President Obama passed rules regulating the internet as a public utility. We believe there are thousands of examples, so we’re opening this up to citizen investigators to help us by submitting their own examples.”

“If you’ve had your account banned on Twitter or Facebook; if you have examples of how Google is manipulating search results; or if your opinions have been censored by Silicon Valley companies, we want to hear from you,” McNally concluded.

Citizen investigators can submit examples of web censorship by visiting the campaign’s page. Cases will be individually investigated and added to the chronological database to track the extent of the tech-left’s and Silicon Valley’s efforts to undermine a free and open internet.

Free Our Internet (www.freeourinternet.org) is a non-profit citizen group whose mission is educate the public about how leftist super-elites and their powerful corporate allies in Silicon Valley have methodically used their wealth and political influence to erode the public’s internet freedoms and destroy alternative media. Our goal is to empower the public to fight back against the tech-left’s well-funded war to control our means of communication, information, organizing, and mobilizing: the internet. Free Our Internet and its supporters stand for free speech and expression online, protecting the diversity of ideas, and opposing government actions that undermine internet openness and transparency.

Media Contact: Chad Wilkinson
[email protected]