The Tech-Left’s War on Internet Free Speech

In 2009, the tech-left’s leading netroots advocate Marvin Ammori published a remarkable white paper telegraphing the left’s coming war on internet free speech. Titled Beyond Content Neutrality: Understanding Content-Based Promotion of Democratic Speech, the paper laid bare the true aims of so-called “open internet” advocates as it related to internet freedom.

Starting from the premise that “current free speech doctrine appears to rest on a mistake,” Ammori posited that the federal government “need not be ‘neutral’ regarding speech, and can promote particular classes of content.” Ammori suggested in fact that the government could both subsidize, and thereby promote, favored content, and “with minimal scrutiny… impose speech-based exceptions to general laws in order to promote certain content.”

But Ammori’s white paper went even further; arguing that the government should distort or skew speech to promote what he believed was “more diverse, political, educational or local content.” In a crowning blow to free speech, Ammori argued that “government officials have incentives to silence dissenting speech,” even suggesting “judges may feel the need to put a finger on the scale of regulation to promote democratic content.”

Ammori served as the general counsel of the ironically named and Soros-funded Free Press when he authored his anti-free speech white paper. He later founded The Ammori Group, a boutique consultancy that counts Google as one of its founding clients. In the intervening years his other affiliations have included: Engine Advocacy (Google-funded), New America Foundation (Google, Soros-funded), Stanford Center for the Internet & Society (Google-funded), and the radical pressure group Fight for the Future.

What Ammori’s 2009 white paper made abundantly clear is that the tech-left’s lip service to protecting free speech, an open internet, or a free press has always been a facade – a pretense for pushing the internet in an opposite and very dangerous direction: Establishing a policy and regulatory framework that would once and for all establish leftist foundations, Silicon Valley monopolies, and their big government allies as our ultimate internet gatekeepers.

Today, Ammori’s dystopian internet vision is being implemented and put into practice in innumerable ways both great and small. In 2015, the federal government launched the first volley when President Obama passed rules regulating the internet for the first time ever.

During the 2016 presidential election, leftist Silicon Valley companies like Facebook, Twitter and Google piled on – banning users who didn’t subscribe to their elitist worldview, censoring and suppressing political content with which they didn’t agree, and even allegedly manipulating search results to favor their approved political candidates.

Today the hue and cry of the tech-left has evolved yet again. Now the threat is “fake news.” Google and Facebook have each launched new initiatives to flag what they alone determine is “fake news” while turning a blind eye to blatant examples of real fake news from mainstream outlets owned by their Silicon Valley allies.

It’s time to Free Our Internet from the leftist corporate monopolies and globalist financiers who have more than proven their intentions to silence dissent, but we must speak up now.

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