The Ruling Internet Class – George Soros

In the weeks and months ahead, you will be hearing a lot from the elite members of the Ruling Internet Class. Before you take their Orwellian “open internet” doublespeak at face value, we urge you to check here first to better understand their real agenda – total control of our nation’s internet, media, and communications systems.

After reading below, we think you’ll agree: It’s not about an open internet for you… It’s about an internet controlled by them.

George Soros

By Harald Dettenborn, CC BY 3.0 de,

While many have observed how Soros has wreaked havoc across the United States by funding violent left wing protests, manipulating U.S. elections, and working to destroy American sovereignty, most are probably unaware that the Hungarian-born billionaire is also one of the largest financiers of leftist activist groups’ push to control the U.S media, internet, and communications systems.

In fact, leaked board minutes from Soros’ Open Society Institute meeting in 2015 confirm that an “overarching goal” of Soros’ Media and Technology Policy portfolio is financing organizations working to “determine the structure of the U.S. media and communications system.”

Open Society U.S. Programs Board Meeting, 10/1/15 (P. 45)

Soros’ grantmaking to leftist “public interest” groups aimed at changing the structure and foundation of the American media and communications system has been expansive. Since 2003, he has spent more than $48 million to change the very infrastructure of the news business – funding online media organizations, journalism schools, investigative journalism and even a network of 32 non-profit organizations that produce reliable left-leaning investigative stories.

Between 2000 and 2013, Soros, along with the Ford Foundation, shoveled another $196 million to liberal groups pushing for more regulation and government control of the nation’s broadband internet infrastructure. Soros’ investment paid off in 2015 when Obama’s FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler passed sweeping rules regulating broadband as a public utility.

As one of the largest financial backers of leftist groups such as, David Brock’s Media Matters, Free Press and ACORN, Soros’ focus on changing our communications infrastructure and media landscape is significant. By controlling the medium of information, Soros and his like-minded corporate allies in Silicon Valley have incredible influence in shaping the country’s political narrative.

Neo-Marxist and Free Press founder Robert McChesney understood exactly the power of controlling the nation’s media and communications infrastructure in 2008 when he offered a crucial insight about why the left’s “media reform” efforts were such a priority: “The political economy not only shaped the nature of the media system, the nature of the media system shaped the broader political economy.”

In other words, Soros and his shock troops understood in the early years of the internet something that most us didn’t: That the internet would soon be the dominant medium in which we exchange ideas, share information, gather insight and knowledge, and mobilize politically.

For liberal foundations and their Silicon Valley allies, esoteric media and internet policy issues have never really been about protecting consumers.

Ideological fellow travelers like Google and Facebook have been all too happy to play along. For them, making common cause with the tech-left’s short term tactical goals (regulating the internet, censoring opposing viewpoints, banning dissenting voices, even taking over the news function itself) is all part of a larger end game – ensuring that a duopoly of Silicon Valley corporations and global elite foundations become the sole gatekeepers of tomorrow’s Internet.

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