Fighting the tech-left’s takeover of the internet

We are concerned citizens who have joined together to address the increasing censorship of conservatives online. Our goal is to educate citizens about how a small handful of tech giants continue to suppress the First Amendment rights of those they disagree with. Powerful Silicon Valley monopolies are destroying our internet freedoms.

For years, Facebook and Google have lied to us.

Silicon Valley monopolies have been banning, blocking, and censoring conservative speech online; pushing government regulations like so-called “net neutrality” that only applies to their competitors, not them; abusing our personal data; and manipulating what we search for and even what we can see access on their platforms.

Now, the tech-left and their liberal allies on Capitol Hill want to exempt them from any obligation to protect consumers online. A victory for the tech-left would mean that Google and Facebook will have free rein to block and censor content, steal our personal information, and hand over our data to advertisers and politicians to track everything we do online.

Congress must tell Google and Facebook that enough is enough! Congress must immediately pass rules to stop Google and Facebook from abusing our privacy. They must demand transparency from Silicon Valley’s secretive campaign to spy on us, manipulate what we see online, and censor our voices.

True consumer internet protection is urgently needed, and it’s time for our leaders to act.

This is the most important issue of our generation. It’s a fight against out of control Silicon Valley monopolies and their allies to control the internet.

We’re building a movement together… join us!