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In 2015, at the behest of radicals like George Soros, President Obama gave away our Internet. For the first time in history, Obama’s FCC jammed through regulations that treat the Internet as a government regulated public utility.Once government regulation of the Internet was allowed, corporate meddling and abuse were sure to follow. And in less than two years, Americans are now seeing the direct consequences of that action: Obama’s leftist corporate allies in Silicon Valley have now taken over the Internet to silence dissenting voices.

Companies like Facebook routinely censor conservative viewpoints. Others like Twitter routinely ban and close the accounts of users who challenge the left’s elitist worldview. Even companies like Google have gotten in on the action, manipulating search results to favor their preferred liberal political candidates and policy issues while disfavoring those it disagrees with.

Two years ago the Internet was taken away from average Americans… It’s time to take it back. We’ve made it simple to send a message to the FCC. Simply fill out the information in the form to the right and tell President Trump’s FCC Chairman to “Free Our Internet.” Or you can draw from the text in two example letters below.

Letter #1

In 2015, President Obama’s FCC passed rules treating the Internet as a government regulated public utility for the first time in history. Those pushing hardest for the new rules were Silicon Valley monopolies like Google and leftist globalists like George Soros.

Google in fact visited the White House more than 427 times during the Obama years. Leftist foundations like Soros’ Open Society and the Ford Foundation spent almost $200 million pushing for the rule change.

Now we know why. In less than two years big tech and their liberal allies have taken total control of our information and communications platforms. They have used their power to flatten competitors, ban speech, censor content, routinely violate our privacy, and silence dissenting voices.

While Obama’s goal clearly benefited radical progressives, leftist political candidates, and his Silicon Valley corporate cronies it destroyed the free and open Internet by establishing them as our information gatekeepers.

I strongly encourage the FCC to oppose efforts by the TechLeft and liberal globalists to take over our Internet. Please roll back President Obama’s disastrous rules immediately. The future of a free and open Internet is at stake.

Letter #2:

In 2015, wealthy leftist billionaires and powerful Silicon Valley monopolies took the internet out of the hands of the people and placed it firmly under the thumb of the federal the government, monopolies like Google and global billionaires like George Soros. Not surprisingly, today Obama’s new Internet gatekeepers are censoring our viewpoints, banning our online activities and silencing dissenting voices. As Google Chairman Eric Schmidt admitted, “We’re not arguing for censorship, we’re arguing just take it off the page…make it harder to find.”

It took only two years and a green light from Obama for companies like Google and Facebook and their liberal allies like George Soros to take total control of the dominant information and communications platform in the world today.

We simply can’t afford to let Obama’s disastrous rules stand. The FCC must stand up for a truly free and open Internet by immediately rolling back his cynical and self-serving Internet takeover. The future of a free and open Internet is at stake.

Letter #3:
Rapacious Silicon Valley monopolies like Amazon, Twitter, Netflix, Google and Facebook are now openly partnering with neo-Marxists like Free Press and Fight for the Future to launch phony astroturf campaigns to prevent the rollback of President Obama’s 2015 internet takeover.

What frightens Americans isn’t the rollback of already outdated rules aimed at Silicon Valley’s competitors, but rather the complete takeover of the internet by this same handful of leftist companies and their radical leftist allies.

These companies are not only censoring our viewpoints, blocking users and competitors online, prioritizing their own services, and destroying our online privacy, they are now even using their unrivaled corporate influence and greed to destroy our news media and free expression.

It’s time to rollback Obama’s disastrous rules designed only to give Silicon Valley free reign over our internet and bolster their monopoly gatekeeper status.

If any business sector in America today needs rules, it’s Silicon Valley’s gluttonous monopolies that are destroying our internet. Please rollback Obama’s government takeover of the internet before our free and open internet becomes Amazon, Facebook and Google’s private property.