CNA: Two dozen Catholic pages blocked from Facebook without explanation

In the last 24 hours more than twenty Catholic pages, some with millions of followers, have been blocked by Facebook for unknown reasons. Of the known affected pages, 21 are based in Brazil, and four are English-language pages, with administrators in the U.S. and Africa. Most of the blocked pages had significant followings – between hundreds […]

The Daily Caller: Report: More Than 1 Million Pro-Internet Regulation Comments Came From Foreign Countries Like Russia

More than 1.3 million comments supporting government regulations over the internet appear to have been submitted by users outside of the U.S., according to a forensic analysis published Monday. Specifically, several remarks filed to the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) public forum for net neutrality were done so from Germany, Russia and France, the National Legal and Policy Center […]

InfoWars: Why Is Soros Colluding With PornHub, Tech Giants to Flood FCC With Russian Spam?

It’s the Russians again. But this time it’s George Soros’ strange bedfellows pro-censorship coalition including Internet giants Google, Facebook, Amazon, as well as the salacious extreme-and-abusive-sex website PornHub, that have flooded the FCC with thousands of “citizen comments” coming from Russia, of all places, opposing the FCC’s planned repeal of the Obama-era “Net Neutrality” rules.

InsideSources: Net Neutrality: Looking Past the Sensationalized Hype

Last week’s “Internet Day of Action,” organized by Battle for the Net, underscored that special interests in Silicon Valley, elite advocacy activists, and pro-regulation academics care about one thing – controlling the future of the internet by any means necessary. Yet, while they promised to make their online day of disruption loud and unavoidable, the […]