Infowars: Here’s How You Stop Internet Censorship

A newly-founded non-profit group, Free Our Internet, launched to oppose Soros-funded Internet censorship, has launched a new campaign, #ReportTheBans, inviting participants to report personal experiences. “If your voice has ever been silenced by the Internet Censorship Bureau, we want the details,” a #ReportTheBans page on the Free Our Internet website offers.

Washington Examiner: NYU professor defends censorship and ‘snowflakes’ amid lecture controversies

With the controversies over campus lectures coming to a head this spring, academic liberals are finally beginning to vocalize their substantive defenses of censorship. In the New Republic, a Colby College professor argued that keeping conservative speakers off campus is necessary to the process of curating knowledge of value for impressionable students.

Heat Street: Free Speech Under Attack in Colleges as Publications Call for Censorship

Freedom of speech affords protections to people whose opinions you disagree with. It’s the foundation of the principle of free expression—and without it, those in power can silence anyone whose views do not align with their own. Lately, higher education institutions have made their best attempts to stifle speakers whose views conflict with progressive, fainting […]

Press Gazette: News Corp chief: Orwellian algorithms of Google and Facebook put us on ‘slippery slope of censorship’

The chief executive of News Corp, parent company of The Sun and Times Newspapers, has warned that digital algorithms at Facebook and Google have “left us perched on the edge of the slippery slope of censorship”. His comments follow an investigation by The Times that revealed how programmatic advertising has led to adverts from reputable […]