Electronic Frontier Foundation: Report on fake pro-NN comments are absolutely, definitely, positively, unquestionably fake because of… apostrophes… or something

In a head-shakingly bizarre blog post this morning, Google’s favorite lapdog, the Electronic Frontier Foundation alleged that a report released earlier this week by the National Legal and Policy Center uncovering over 100,000 phony comments in the FCC docket using EFF’s pro-net neutrality form comment language was itself phony. The sum total of EFF’s evidence? […]

Amazon-owned Alexa decertifies Amazon-owned Washington Post media competitor Breitbart News

Two important stories yesterday illustrate why protecting alternative media and viewpoints is so absolutely critical in the face of the ongoing collapse and loss of credibility of the mainstream press. Both stories involve Amazon and its CEO Jeff Bezos’ personal blog, The Washington Post. First, Breitbart News reported a bigly important story yesterday that shed […]

Late breaking news: Internet takeover supporters now blatantly calling for banning media they don’t like

We’ve yelled from the rafters that the tech-left’s goal with net neutrality was to institute a government takeover of the internet. We’ve shared with you hundreds of examples of how net neutrality supporters like Google, George Soros and their leftist water carriers in Washington were working to ban viewpoints they didn’t like. We’ve shared with […]

The Ruling Internet Class and its Factotums

In the weeks and months ahead, you will be hearing often from the elite members of the Ruling Internet Class. Before you take their Orwellian “open internet” doublespeak at face value, we urge you to check back here often to better understand their real agenda – total control of our nation’s Internet, media and communications […]

“Free Our Internet” launches new campaign to expose tech-left censorship

Crowd-sourced investigative project seeks reports from internet users on how Silicon Valley’s “Internet Censorship Bureau” silences dissenting voices May 4, 2017 — Today, Free Our Internet launched a new campaign to expose the tech-left’s growing efforts to silence dissent on the internet. The new campaign will rely on crowd-sourced information and citizen investigators to help […]