Free Our Internet Sends Letter to Federal Protective Service About Twitter Allowing Death Threats to FCC Chairman Over Net Neutrality

Today, Free Our Internet sent a letter to Federal Protective Service, copying Twitter’s Public Policy team, asking for investigation into the death threats Twitter users are sending to FCC Chairman Pai over the platform regarding “Net Neutrality.” While these threats violate Twitter’s policy, they remain online, despite many being reported. Given that death threats to […]

Meet the “Heroes” of the Left

As Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai works to roll back burdensome Title II regulations and restore freedom to the internet, leftists activists have been gearing up for a fight. One such example is the newly announced plan to camp outside the FCC on the evening of December 13th into December 14th to oppose the […]

Consider the Source

The talk about combating “fake news” continues as Facebook has recently announced new tools to address this issue. The social media giant will be relying in part on the Poynter Institute’s International Fact Checking Network (IFCN), which is heavily funded by liberal special interest groups. When seeing what’s reliable, it’s important to keep in mind […]

FOI’s Christie-Lee Applauds Missouri Attorney General’s Investigation Into Google In Letter

On November 15th, FOI Executive Director Christie-Lee McNally penned a letter to Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley applauding his decision to open an investigation into Google’s monopoly power. Hawley’s investigation will examine Google’s potential violations of Missouri’s consumer protection and anti-trust laws. Christie applauded Hawley’s decision to open the investigation and encouraged him to include […]

FOI’s Christie-Lee’s Response to factually inept NYT opinion piece is, unsurprisingly, ignored

On November 3rd, 2017, FOI Executive Director Christie-Lee McNally submitted the below LTE in response to an October 31st 2017 opinion-editorial in the New York Times titled ““Net Neutrality: Why Artists and Activists Can’t Afford to Lose It,” by W. Kamau Bell. Not surprisingly, the New York Times neglected to run Christie’s response, in which she pointed out that […]

Kudos to Cruz

Lawyers from Facebook, Google, and Twitter appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday on a much anticipated hearing on Russia’s influence on the 2016 election. And while the committee focused on fake ads and making sure foreign money doesn’t get in elections, Sen. Ted Cruz made another crucial point on the power of Silicon Valley […]

Soros’s Diabolical Plan

We’ve known for a long time that powerful forces are at work behind controlling the people’s internet, but the radical leftist mega donor George Soros has just solidified these fears by giving an astounding $18 billion to his Open Society Foundation. This “foundation,” which is known for promoting liberal causes, has been used as Soros’s […]