Analysis Shows Tech-Left Bombarded FCC with Fake Comments

Tech-left elites have long tried to control the internet through influence laundering, political donations and collusion with Obama’s government. They have worked for years to take over the internet’s infrastructure and regulate their competitors like public utilities, while giving them a free hand to do whatever they wish online. But now they’ve stooped to a […]

Yet Another Double Standard from Silicon Valley Liberals

In their continuing effort to censor conservatives online, the tech-left is using the events in Charlottesville as an excuse to target conservatives. This time, Google has removed Gab, nicknamed the “free speech social network,” from their online app store for allegedly violating their hate speech policy. Sadly, this isn’t the first time that this group […]

Eric Schmidt – A Case in Duplicity

We’ve known for a long time now that the Silicon Valley elites of Google, Twitter, and Facebook want to censor conservatives. Daniel Greenfield of Frontpage Mag hit the nail right on the head in a recent article saying: “The illiberal media isn’t interested in winning an argument, but in silencing the opposition. It doesn’t just […]

Twitter EXPOSED for Blocking Dissent on “Net Neutrality”

Twitter and Facebook are at it again, blocking conservative voices and promoting the Soros-left agenda online. They’ve proven again that they’ll stop at nothing to censor conservatives – a total witch hunt! A recent article in The Street exposed the social media giants’ hypocrisy and how Twitter was slammed for blocking critics of Obama era […]

Google’s Astroturf Army of Net Neutrality Phonies

We’ve long suspected that Silicon Valley monopolies like Google were gaming net neutrality grassroots “support” with phony astroturf, phony studies and phony advocacy. And now comes the proof. In a remarkable report released today, the Wall Street Journal exposes hundreds of academics at some of the most prestigious universities and colleges in the U.S., who […]

Electronic Frontier Foundation: Report on fake pro-NN comments are absolutely, definitely, positively, unquestionably fake because of… apostrophes… or something

In a head-shakingly bizarre blog post this morning, Google’s favorite lapdog, the Electronic Frontier Foundation alleged that a report released earlier this week by the National Legal and Policy Center uncovering over 100,000 phony comments in the FCC docket using EFF’s pro-net neutrality form comment language was itself phony. The sum total of EFF’s evidence? […]

Amazon-owned Alexa decertifies Amazon-owned Washington Post media competitor Breitbart News

Two important stories yesterday illustrate why protecting alternative media and viewpoints is so absolutely critical in the face of the ongoing collapse and loss of credibility of the mainstream press. Both stories involve Amazon and its CEO Jeff Bezos’ personal blog, The Washington Post. First, Breitbart News reported a bigly important story yesterday that shed […]