Fighting the tech-left’s takeover of the internet

We are concerned citizens who have joined together to address the increasing censorship of conservatives online. Our goal is to educate citizens about how a small handful of Silicon Valley companies continue to suppress the First Amendment rights of those who don’t align with their liberal worldviews.

For years, elites like George Soros and leftist Silicon Valley corporations led by Google and Facebook have methodically used their wealth, power, and political connections to chip away at your internet freedoms.

In 2015, Soros-funded interests and their leftist Silicon Valley allies mobilized as never before to orchestrate Obama’s federal government grab to control our information platforms.

In a carefully crafted scheme between the tech-left, Silicon Valley, and the Obama administration, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) ordered the net transitioned to a government-regulated utility. The move was the first step in handing over the internet to Google, Soros, and their big government allies to control the platforms, content, and information we depend on.

In less than two years they have now pushed even further —  successfully censoring content they don’t like, threatening social networks to silence dissent, and banning viewpoints that challenge their leftist worldview.

Most of us haven’t even noticed. Many of their schemes sound harmless. Others are couched in Orwellian doublespeak, promising “internet freedom” or “openness and transparency.” But their goals are exactly the opposite. And they are not in our interest.

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They have relentlessly pushed their big government allies to take control of the internet in ways that benefit them, not you. Their methods include:

  • Implementing social media rules that ban viewpoints challenging their leftist worldview.
  • Threatening private internet platforms to silence and unmask dissenters or face boycotts or even government police action.
  • Pushing radical “media reform” schemes that insert the heavy hand of government control into our media and information marketplace.
  • Turning the internet into a government-owned, government-controlled utility.

For the tech-left, the internet’s ability to empower individuals, uphold freedom of speech, and protect the diversity of ideas is a direct threat to their political power and control. Control the medium, and you control the message. By controlling the internet in all of its facets, they hope to be the gatekeepers of the political discourse and ideas that travel through it.

This is the most important battle of our generation. It’s a fight against the tech-left, their corporate fellow travelers, and their big government allies to silence dissent and solidify their power.

Are you prepared to cede the most powerful information sharing platform in the history of human civilization to leftist internet gatekeepers who want to censor our viewpoints, ban our online activities, and regulate legitimate discourse… or are you ready to fight back and Free Our Internet from their control?

We are the new resistance… join us.